Friday, September 27, 2013

3 years of Cloud Telephony Blogs

Time certainly flies. Seems like yesterday, but when I saw the dates on my blog posts, I realized that its been 3 years since we introduced cloud telephony to India. So, I just thought I will summarize what I have been blogging for the last 3 years in this post.

In return of telephony apps, and free your voice, I explained the need for cloud telephony solutions and how our aim was to make telephony application development as mainstream as web development. This set the stage and people started noticing about KooKoo and cloud telephony.

The next step was to showcase some innovative apps which showcased the capability of cloud telephony. Phone use cases, telephony polls, Twitter voice, call to register, play order details, virtual receptionist, local search,integrating help desks, integrating sales force and CRMswedding IVR etc

I also documented our expansion(New circles,Gujarat, Rajasthan) and addition of an SMS channel. I covered our partnerships(Youth Ki Awaz, Apigee Hackathon, Desert Hack from BITS, Freshdesk, Akshar Speech, Startup Weekend, Ghar Pay)

We also developed some fun hacks which I covered in the blog. These include building call analytics, integrating OpenVBX, wedding IVR, IPL poll with speech, displaying social media footprint of callers, creating a graph dashboard of live callers.

All in all, its been a fun 3 years of blogging and its nice to look back and see what we have created and the relationships we have formed so far.

Lot more exciting things are in the offing and I will be writing our yearly report at the end of the month. Some big numbers are there for everyone.

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