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The phone call is dead..........NOT

Back in November, Techcrunch published an article, The Phone Call Is Dead . That really set the alarm bells ringing as we had just started working on our startup, KooKoo , whose main purpose was to allow people to make and receive phone calls programatically. A leading blog like Techcrunch writing an obituary about the main feature of your startup is really not the best way to start :). Then I saw another article, Phone Numbers Are Dead ,by SayNow (This was actually an earlier article, but I saw it later). Ok, so phone numbers are dead and the phone call is also dead. Shit. Did I choose a wrong startup idea? Then I thought, But what about 911(or 108 or other emergency numbers). Is that number dead too? What about birthday wishes and new year wishes? Will I not get a call for those anymore? What about the 123 different ways in which people are using calls? What if someone wants to communicate with me immediately?Well, they can email me.Or maybe, they could tweet me or post on