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Using KooKoo to build a number masking system

One line solution to setup number masking in KooKoo: Lets assume you want to mask the customer number to your delivery guy. Setup a button in your app and when the delivery guy clicks the button just make a http request as follows:{ delivery_guys_number }&caller_id={masked_virtual_number}&api_key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX &outbound_version=2&extra_data=<response><dial>{customer_number}</dial></response> That's it! Done! You can have a simple mapping array to map the customer_number to the masked_virtual_number and the system becomes completely automated. The solution in long form: Number masking solutions have suddenly picked up in the Indian cloud telephony market. Companies like Ola, Uber and others are using number masking solutions to provide privacy to their customers and driver partners. Setting up a number masking solution is really easy in KooKoo . Developers have been

Slack Button for Cloud telephony-KooKoo Loves Slack

Slack recently released their Slack Button interface  to the public. This allows third party applications to integrate into Slack in a clean fashion. As you know, KooKoo already has a Slack integration  . If you read the blog, you will see that there are almost 30 lines detailing how to manually configure KooKoo to work together with Slack. All that is now gone with the new Slack Button. And since at Ozonetel, we pride on our innovative capabilities, we are proud to be the first Indian company to come out with the Slack button integration. In fact we have now gone a step further and enabled much more than conferencing. You can now send SMS and voice messages to your channel users right from Slack. Just use the 1. /sms command to send an SMS and 2. /playtext command to send a voice message. 3. You can also start a conference using the /conf command. Enable voice and SMS communication on Slack channels. This is right now live in India on the KooKoo site. If you want th

Customer Centric Communication: HealthCare Sector

The Healthcare industry in India, is one of the largest sector – both in terms of revenue and employment, its expected growth rate  is also phenomenal CAGR of 17% (Source: IMA). But in terms of infrastructure, we are below when compared to other large countries. The U.S. has one bed for every 350 patients while the ratio for Japan is 1 for 85. Even the usage, IT in hospitals, we are far behind, According to Deloitte 2015 health care outlook, Indian Hospitals have to increase their IT spend considerably to provide improved and patient-centric service. From Service prospective, one technology that can considerably enhance service quality is cloud telephony and cloud call center solution . This technology can fill many of the service loop holes. Let’s see the solution in detail. IVR based greeting, call routing: Currently even the reputed hospitals, customer care is not having IVR, everything is dependent on one line. With limited line capacity, many consumers wait for h

Accelerate Inbound Leads

Every business, whether it’s B2B, B2C, C2B or C2B need “leads” for existence, it’s like oxygen for the business world. In bookish language “a lead is a prospect customer , whose contact information you are having”.  Lead is also a first step towards sales. Outbound marketing (television ads, Print Ads, Cold calls, sponsorship etc.) was preferred method of lead generation for years. With digitization and widespread usage of internet the inbound marketing technique has taken the front seat, it’s a most preferred way of lead generation. Inbound marketing is very cost effective, measurable and gives better RoI . The simple inbound marketing techniques are SEO, publishing blogs, articles, white paper, Paid search marketing, social media marketing etc. People also call it by different name “digital marketing” ”web marketing” ”online marketing”. All the inbound marketing technique, mentioned above just helps to bring traffic to the landing page or home page. But the visitors would n

Cloud Telephony for Automobile Industry

                                    The founder of modern management Peter Drucker called the automobile industry as " the industry of industries ". Today the Indian automobile industry is the most attractive industry, it contributes nearly 7% to country’s GDP and growing at a rate of nearly 10% YoY(source: SIAM, TechSci Research). The burgeoning Indian market has even attracted the global players like Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari all has setup their outlet in India. Undoubtedly the opportunity is huge, but the competition is also fierce. The increased competition  has forced  the companies to look into the service aspects of the business starting from pre sales to after sales service. According to  Frost & Sullivan,  over 60 per cent of Indian customers give  importance to  after-sales service,  service plays a crucial role in buying decision process. If we analyze the outbound supply chain and customer service, we will find that there are lots of loopholes,

Ozonetel ranks #5 at the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2015(India)

Date: November 2, 2015 One more feather in the cap of Ozonetel! We ranked #5 at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, India at the award ceremony that was held at Hotel ITC Gardenia, Bangalore on 30 th October. This has been the second consecutive year that Ozonetel has made to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 moving from rank#18 in 2014 to #5 in 2015. This year has been particularly exciting year for Ozonetel because in June this year, Ozonetel was the only Asian company to make it to the Unilever’s Foundry 50. Around the same time, Ozonetel won the Frost & Sullivan award for Innovation in Cloud Telephony. The award ceremony was attended by officials from the Fast50 companies and the entire senior management team from Deloitte India. There were 31 repeat winners this year and Ozonetel was one of them. Mr Madan Padaki, Co-Founder & CEO of Head Held High services graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 which is organized by Deloitte Touch