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Salesforce IVR widgets in KOOKOO cloud call center

KOOKOO cloud call center has always had very good integration with Salesforce. We were one of the first cloud call center providers to have an open CTI integration. We have also updated the integration to be lightning compatible . To make the integration better, one the eve of Dreamforce 2017, we are launching Salesforce widgets for our IVR designer. So now, you can drag and drop Salesforce widgets and design your IVR flow.   Specifically, we have added two widgets: 1. Fetch lead: This will allow you to fetch lead details based on caller id. 2. Generate activity: This can be used at the end of a call to generate an activity. Properly designing an IVR is very important. A properly designed IVR can answer most of the caller questions and hence save agent time. With these widgets it is now much easier to query your Salesforce instance from the IVR and get the required details to the callers. These are now publicly available. Talk to us to see this in action.