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Ozonetel year in Review.Scaling from $1M ARR to $6M ARR

This chapter in Ozonetel's life is called scaling. Moving from the surviving phase to scaling phase is deeply satisfying. I do this blog post generally during October. But I held out as we had couple of big announcements to make and I wanted to include them in this post. So here are our major milestones of the year(in no particular order): 1. KooKoo powers Hindustan Unilever's mobile radio platform KKT . This was a huge win for us which proved the efficiency of the platform. It tested our scalability to the limits what with more than 50,000 hours of content getting consumed every single day on the platform. After that entry, we now power campaigns for a lot of brands like Wheel, Lifebuoy etc. 2. Ozonetel featured in the Deloitte fast 50 coming in at 18th. This was validation of our revenue growth. Last year we closed at $1M ARR. This year we will close between $5M-$6M ARR. 3. Zoho Partnership . Ozonetel is the only Indian company which has a phone bridge integration wit

Ozonetel Loves Zoho

At Ozonetel, we are constantly on the lookout to improve business communication on the cloud . So, it gives us great pleasure in announcing integration with one of the best CRMs in the world, Zoho. If you are a company who is using Zoho, then it now becomes all the more easier for you to use Cloudagent as your contact center software. The following is our press release Ozonetel Announces Zoho CRM Integration with CloudAgent Combined solution allows businesses to provide enhanced customer management and reach customers anywhere in the world without the need for expensive equipment or set up  costs  San Francisco/ Bangalore, Wednesday, November 12 –  Ozonetel today unveiled its latest integration with  Zoho   CRM , one of the leading  CRM  players in the market.  The CTI integration provides businesses with a cost effective, enhanced customer management solution. Businesses are looking for plug & play solutions, which work seamlessly without installing any software or

What is a good sales target for a sales person in SaaS in India?

Unfortunately there is no fixed answer. Problem with SaaS is that there are too many moving variables. LTV,Churn,ARR,ARPU etc. So its really hard to come up with one fixed number . So based on our experience and our product the following is a number we have come up with to set targets for our sales organization. 0.8x (x is the sales person's salary) So, a sales person should pull in 0.8x worth of MRR every month. Or 9.6x worth of annual contract values every month. This is the number from which they start getting incentives. So for example a sales rep getting around 18 lakhs salary should pull in around Rs.1,20,000 MRR every month. If he pulls in 30,000 MRR(0.2X) he will be just covering his base salary. If he pulls in 75,000(0.5X) he will be covering the organization costs. And only if he pulls in anything above that will the company move towards profitability. And only when the company is profitable will the sales get an incentive. Obviously there are a lot of assumpt