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Kookoo Intent Engine-NLU the easy way

Just recently we launched the Kookoo speech API . This will allow your applications to hear what your customers are saying. We also showed you how to convert your chatbots to voicebots . So whats next? By now, many of you would have realized that we are going for a full stack approach. We started off with the telephony stack and then added a speech layer on top of it. Today, we are announcing the addition of an understanding layer, Kookoo Intent (beta). This is an invite only launch, so please send us an email if you are interested to try this out. To be fair, you can just use our telephony stack and the speech layer and then use some third party APIs for intent analysis. There are a lot of APIs for Intent from Google, Facebook etc. But if you just want to build your complete bot using Kookoo, then Kookoo Intent allows you to do that. More importantly, we will be concentrating on providing NLP services for Indian languages. We will be partnering with NLP API providers to pow