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Integrating KooKoo with Salesforce to handle contact calls and generate leads

Problem: Customers call your sales people directly. There is no track of these calls. Customer conversation history is not maintained. Customers cannot call a single number for your organization and get connected to their agent directly. Solution: Customer information is present in your Salesforce account. You can manage your calls using KooKoo . We can mashup these two to create a simple customer call management solution in 10 mins. Allows customer calls on a single phone number. If the caller  is already associated with a RM, KooKoo plays the customer name and connects him directly to RM. Customer case history is updated for the call automatically. If there is no customer records, KooKoo identifies the available RM and connects the call and creates the case history for the caller automatically. How to do it? Requirements: Salesforce account with sites enabled. You can get one here KooKoo account. You can get one here Steps: Create a Visual Force