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Cloud telephony for Gujarat

નમસ્તે ગુજરાત Well, after almost two years, KooKoo  enters Gujarat. We formally entered Gujarat on May 1st. I still don't understand why we took so long to enter Gujarat. Well, that mistake has now been corrected and we are now in Gujarat and all our services are live, including our cloud PBX product BizPhone and our cloud call center product Cloudagent Gujarat is certainly the land of business men and all the servers we deployed are running at full occupancy in record time. We had to add more servers within two days and now we have more capacity and ready to service more businesses. A map of the KooKoo service locations in India is given below. The states marked in violet will be live in a couple of months. So businesses in Gujarat, if you are looking for cloud based call centers , please sign up for Cloudagent. If you want a cloud PBX system for your office to manage your extensions, sign up for BizPhone. and finally, if you want to develop innovative telecom