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KooKoo speech engine versus Google speech engine - Round 2

TLDR: The data sets used for the testing in the experiments are the digit examples from the Google speech commands dataset . Experiment 1: Converted dataset to 8Khz to fit the telephony format. Google API accuracy: 74.3% Kookoo Zena accuracy: 92.4% We felt the accuracy for Google dropped down because of the 8Khz format. So we did another experiment for Google speech API. Experiment 2: Original speech command dataset Google API accuracy: 85.6% The Long version: At Ozonetel, we are constantly innovating and we are back again with a new speech model after the Yes/No model. We all saw Google demo Duplex last week and it was a pretty cool demo. Just to put things in perspective, though the demo was cool, we think we are still some a ways away from actually having a system operate as smoothly as shown in the demo. We come to the conclusion mainly based on our experiments with the Google speech API. Unless Google is using some model other than the one exposed publicly

KooKoo cloud telephony integrates with Google text to speech

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know by now that Google announced Google Duplex and took the world over by storm. One of the main building blocks of the Google Duplex system is its natural sounding TTS(text to speech) engine. Though, Google has not opened up those exact voices as a service, they have enabled a lot of great sounding text to speech voices as part of their cloud speech service . And as of today, KooKoo supports the Google TTS engine. You can now use Google TTS voices to power your IVR flows and make them more natural sounding. Adding Google TTS to your IVR is as simple as just adding an attribute type="ggl" in your <playtext> tags . And the best news of all, this service is free on KooKoo till August 2018. So go ahead, replace your current TTS voices in your IVR flows with Google voices and see the difference. Google TTS has lots of options. In the coming weeks, we will be opening up those options through the KooKoo APIs. So keep w