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Customer love

In this blog post, I will write about one photo. This photo,captures the result of all our hardwork in trying to keep our customers happy. In a B2B scenario, it helps if you can feel the pain of your customer's business. Then only can you provide the right service. This does not mean we have not had brickbats from customers. We do. Everyday. But we understand. And we try to improve. And sometimes, good things like this photo happen. And we feel our spirits lifted. The bald man in the center is K.Guru Murthy. Our delivery head. He is the guy who gets the most brickbats. But this is not the opening of our office. This is the opening of the new office space of Big . One of our customers. It was extremely gracious of them to offer us to cut the ribbon and declare their office open. They said they wanted us to do it as we have been part of their journey since the beginning and we have been part of their bad times and good times. We feel humbled,but this justi