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Indian VCs(or atleast the ones I have dealt with) and Learnings

Updated: Removed the confrontational sentences as that were written in the heat of the moment and were not adding any value to the post and were written just to get it out of my system: Based on some bad experiences with Indian VCs, following are some pointers on dealing with VCs. In one instance, we specifically asked a VC if they were in talks with our competition. We did not want to talk if they were speaking to competition. They gave in writing that they were not. But after our discussions, it was clear they were in fact talking. In another instance, VC was said he was interested but actually was just using us to get data points about our industry. Finally he used those data points to help his portfolio company to get direction. Well, there is no point in naming names or crying hoarse. To take something positive out of my experience, I am listing some points you need to remember when dealing with VCs. 1. Don't tell them your client list.  Especially the prospectiv

Cloud Telephony for Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

After the recent launch in  Gujarat  and Rajasthan, we now enter central India by making our Indore data center completely operational. From this data center we will be able to service Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh So people of MP and Chhattisgarh, you can now sign up for  KooKoo , and choose local numbers for your businesses. In case you are interested in call center solutions, check out  Cloudagent  and give a call at 1-800-200-0820 and our sales guys will get in touch with you. Ozonetel, by far, now provides the most comprehensive coverage in cloud telephony in India . Our complete coverage is captured in the image below.

Virtual Numbers and Gatekeeping services

Recently I saw a post on the Rise of GateKeeping services The author makes valid points from a customer perspective. But as they say, there are always two sides to a story :) Since a lot of companies are using KooKoo  to provide a telephony experience to their customers, I thought I will list out a couple of reasons why gatekeepers may be good, especially if done correctly. Disclaimer: This will be a little biased post as we provide services to a lot of these "Gatekeepers" :) 1. Monetization: As Sinha mentions in the comments of the above post, in India, lead monetization is very very hard. Businesses in general do not want to pay up for leads and these numbers provide a provable lead generation model for these businesses. The more money the companies make, the better service they can provide for you. 2. Quality control: The example given in the above article takes an example of a clinic. If we take personal examples, most of the times I call a clinic I end up ju