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Building a story bot in KooKoo-Star in your own story

Storyweaver  is an awesome site. Its one of the favorite sites for my kids. You get a lot of great stories. But more importantly you get stories licensed under creative commons ( CC-BY-4.0). This provides for a lot of flexibility for developers like me. So using these stories, we had built a story bot on Facebook messenger. Kids can chat with the bot and get stories. Now that this was working well, I thought of adding some fun into the mixture. What if the kids can star in their own story. After all, they are reading the story on the mobile. So courtesy of some image processing magic ( OpenCV) and stories from Storyweaver you can now star in your own story. Right now there is only one story. The technical details of how this was done will be shared in another blog. So go ahead and star in your own story at KooKooStoryBot . (Like the page if you like it :)) An example story with Leonardo as the star is below :) Update: Improved the image processing to fit the face with