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Speech Recognition Challenges in Lo Kar Lo Baat

When HUL came to us with an idea to implement a phone app to connect migrant workers for free, we took it as a challenge to make it happen as it was for a good cause. And we are proud of the final system which came up. When we ran a sample set of voices through different recognizers, we found that our system outperformed even the Google speech recognizer. Our success rate at recognizing phone numbers in Hindi and English ( all 10 digits) was almost 2 times that of Google. ( note : We ran the samples through Google's speech cloud to get their recognition rate) Granted, ours was a specialized system and Google's was generic, but hey, we still feel proud :) Challenges in Lo Kar Lo Baat : Generally, accuracy of speech recognition depends on many factors like; 1) channel property, speech sampling rate, speech coding 2) deviation in pattern due to effect of dialects, speaking rate and speaking style 3) effect of background In Lo Kar Lo Baat we had faced many