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Cloud Telephony for Small And Medium Business

SMB/SME(Small & Medium Business/Enterprise)  plays a very important role in Indian economy, they contribute more than 45% to  industrial output, 40% of country’s total exports and create 1.3 million jobs every year  and currently there are more than 48 million SME in India (source: Ministry of MSME, GoI).  Looking at these data, we can say that the MSME sector plays a very important role in Indian economy.  Due to their importance in national economy, government has launched many schemes to motivate them, yet they struggle on multiple account, like financial, HR issue, technology, regulatory and many more. Without knowing in detail, I cannot comment on all the areas, but being associated with telecommunication industry, I could like to put my thoughts about the new technology advancement in telecommunication sector, which would be very helpful for small and medium business owners. Telecommunication technology has changed phenomenally in few years, also the dependency on comm

Telecommunication Revolution & Cloud Telephony

Telecommunication Revolution & Cloud Telephony Every one talking that world power has shifted from west to east, next century belongs to India and China, as China is an aging country, everyone is betting very high on India. To find the reality, I have done a comparative study between India and western countries. The result was really depressing, in most of sectors/areas we are way behind the developed countries, except one sector i.e. “Telecommunication”. You can see in the above picture the call rate, which was at Rs 15.5/min has dropped to less than a Rupee/min. The telephone subscriber base has also increased a rate of 40% YoY (approx.). According to Mar’15 release by TRAI, India has 999.71 million telephone subscriber, now we are in Sep’15. We would have crossed 1 billion mark. This is the overall picture of telephone subscriber, but if we look internet and broadband subscriber base it is also very optimistic. Apart from that recently Airtel has launched 4G servic

Unsexy CEO Profile

Currently in India, its sexy to run a startup. But there is a small catch. You have to fit the narrative. 1. The younger, the better. In fact it will help if you are a drop out. 2. You should be building something in the B2C space. 3. You should have raised VC money(loads of it) and should be burning it like crazy. 4. You should have a pedigree. IIT, IIM etc 5. You should be brash and it helps if you scold your VCs publicly(Well this is not exactly true, but I am trying to make the narrative spicy :)) Our CEO, Mr. CSN Murthy is the anti thesis of all the above. He is above 50, building a startup in the B2B space,bootstrapped and one of the most mild mannered and humble person you will find. So dont worry if you are above 50 Dont worry if you are doing something in B2B space or NGO or social service Dont worry if VCs cannot see your vision and are not buying into it. You can put your head down and build a company the best you can and in 3-4 years you can build a profitabl