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KooKoo Hackathon Winner Interview

“With KooKoo APIs, I could transform my idea into a Real App” says Yadunandan Batchu, Winner of 1 st KooKoo Mashup Challenge Yadunandan Batchu, winner of the first KooKoo Mashup Challenge worked on mashing up KooKoo APIs with Bitcoin to bridge the financial divide between the online and offline world. The problem statement in his own words: " To reduce the huge financial divide between the online and the offline regions of the world, I have tried to fill the gap through the KooKoo IVR system along with  bitcoin  platform (network probably). Using the app, you can interact with the  bitcoin  network offline with the Pubkey- Privkey pair stored in the database (which will be encrypted using the authcode ).  I have used:  1. Toshi API (for  bitcoin   blockchain data)  2. NodeJS for development (ExpressJS & JSON-to-XML parsing library from npm )  3. Heroku to host the development files (there may be some sleep timings since it is a developer account) 4. GoogleSpr