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Year in review

So we have just completed 2 years since we launched at Unpluggd 2. Startup Weekend's "The Entrepreneur's Journey" gives a snapshot of a startup's journey. In general, every startup will have the following phases: Get an idea Decide to startup Startup Build a team and product Validation of the product Scale Conquer the world :) As per the above resource, we did the 'I got an idea', 'I want to startup', 'Startup', 'Build a solid team and product' phase in our first year . The second year was all about 'Validation' and 'Scale' So without further ado, some of our numbers this year. Calls handled : 600 million+ Clients : 350+ Registered developers : 4000+ Phone numbers managed : 30000+ Servers managed : 124 Locations : 8 Audio Data managed : 6 TB with 25 GB getting generated everyday Average Database queries per day : 20 million ( max of 70 million in a day, yeah our Mysql clusters are gett

What questions drive you?

I have always believed that you won't get the right answers if you don't ask the right questions. For example, if your question is "How do I make money?", then your answers(and hence your actions) will be different than if your question is "How do I make my customers happy?". Also, different roles in a startup/company will have different "driving questions". A sales guy may be asking himself: "Which new vertical should I look at?" "What new use cases should I come out with?" "Who needs my solutions?" A CEO maybe asking himself: "What new partnerships should I make?" "How do I motivate my employees?" "How do I break even?" Disclaimer: I am not a CEO or a sales guy so my example questions maybe wrong :) So currently, the following are some of the questions that drive me being involved in the technical aspects of the cloud telephony domain. "How do I reduce the n

Apple Siri Clone in KooKoo wins DesertHack

KooKoo  as most of you know, is a cloud telephony platform using which people have built innovative telephony applications like call and update your Facebook status , call to update your twitter stream etc. As you might be knowing, BITS Pilani conducted a hackathon called as Desert Hack( ) sometime last week and KooKoo, Ozonetel was a part of that. We announced a bounty of Samsung Galaxy Tab2 for the best KooKoo hack. We got the list of hacks last weekend and we were really surprised at the quality of hacks. So we analysed the list of hacks based on the following criteria: 1. Innovativeness 2. Amount of code written 3. Presentation 4. Correctness 5. Aligning with principles of KooKoo and 6. Ability to become big And though it was really hard, we had to select one winner and that is "KIRI". Congrats team "Kiri". You will get your Samsung tab at the earliest. Kiri is an Apple Siri cl