Friday, October 12, 2012

What questions drive you?

I have always believed that you won't get the right answers if you don't ask the right questions.

For example, if your question is "How do I make money?", then your answers(and hence your actions) will be different than if your question is "How do I make my customers happy?".

Also, different roles in a startup/company will have different "driving questions".

A sales guy may be asking himself:

"Which new vertical should I look at?"
"What new use cases should I come out with?"
"Who needs my solutions?"

A CEO maybe asking himself:

"What new partnerships should I make?"
"How do I motivate my employees?"
"How do I break even?"

Disclaimer: I am not a CEO or a sales guy so my example questions maybe wrong :)

So currently, the following are some of the questions that drive me being involved in the technical aspects of the cloud telephony domain.

"How do I reduce the number of issues?"
"Do we have transparent failover for all systems?"
"Do we have alerts for all systems?"
"What is the latest technology that can reduce my headaches and improve our systems?"(This is the reason I check out Hackernews)
"What new features can be added to the platform that will make it easier for my customers"
And finally, the most important question
"Are my customers happy and are my solutions helping them run their business efficiently?"

So, what are the questions that drive you. Please comment.

Note: I do know that one of the answers to "How do I make money?" is "Make your customers happy" which leads to the second question "How do I make my customers happy?", but the operative sentence is "one of the answers". There are other answers like "Increase my product price" which will not make the customers happy :)