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KooKoo Loves Google Speech

When Google announced the Google Speech API  we knew that it was a perfect fit with KooKoo. After all, developers had already built cool stuff on KooKoo like the Apple Siri clone using the unofficial API. So within a week of Google announcing the beta API for speech, our engineers have now cooked it into the core KooKoo platform. And we are now announcing a limited release of Google speech on KooKoo. All KooKoo developers can now start using speech recognition in their cloud telephony apps. Call and leave a review and get the text of the review immediately.  Call to raise a complaint and get the complaint in text .  Say the order number over the phone and get order details.  The possibilities are endless. Since now this is part of KooKoo , all our Cloudagent customers can also make use of this to understand their call center operations as well. Google speech itself is in beta, so it goes without saying that our limited release is also in beta. So, if you want t