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As a startup we try to monitor a variety of metrics. And when sharing with media and doing PR, we generally fall back on vanity metrics. Vanity metrics are good because they can help you inflate your ego and give you a sense of achievement. So when we say that we are nearing 2 billion calls handled on the platform, we feel proud. Or that we are present in 150+ countries. Or maybe that our employee count is nearing 100. Or that there are more than 10,000 developers on the KooKoo platform. All metrics are good and give a sense of achievement. But they dont give a sense of the true health of a business. For any serious business,especially in the B2B space,most of the time, the only metric that matters is revenue growth. How fast are your growing? How much are you growing?What are your margins? So in many ways, the award that we are most proud about is the Deloitte Fast 50 award. The reason is because they give the award to the fastest growing companies on audited accounts. It giv

Hackathon - KooKoo resources

KooKoo is one of the most used developer platform in India with more than 10,000 developers on our platform. Innovative startups like Zipdial have been built on our platform and startups like Zomato,Practo etc use KooKoo to power their telephony. Ozonetel and KooKoo have always supported hackathons and weekend events including Startup Weekend.  To start using KooKoo for your hack,just follow these two steps: 1. Sign up for a free developer account. 2. Visit Developer page and start with the quick start You can use KooKoo to 1.  Send and receive SMS . 2. Build a telephony poll 3. Build a wedding IVR 4. Connect Facebook and Twitter with your voice 5. Create live Dashboards Create a conference of your Slack team, missed call apps, send alerts when something is down etc. Let your imagination run wild. Anything related to communication, KooKoo will help you do it. You can have a look at some cool hacks that some BITS students did a couple of years back on KooK

Dialers & Productive Contact Center

In the digital age, the outbound contact cente r is not just for customer service but is also used for revenue generation like lead generation and conversion of leads. In general outbound call center is used for: 1. Generation of lead: Cold calls, extensively used in banking & finance industry 2. Inbound Sales: Converting web generated leads, up selling and cross selling to existing customers 3. Proactive service & Customer Service: Information sharing, problem, survey, answer to customer query, etc. With the increased usage of call center, lot of new technology has also come up, which helps to streamline the calling process, thereby increases the productivity of contact center. One such technology is dialers , dialers are automatic dialing solution used in outbound contact center  to optimize the  agent efficiency and reduce the downtime. Today different types of dialers are available, each have unique features and usages. Preview dialer: Objective

Omnichannel contact center: WOW! Customer experience

Mobile, Mobile && Mobile!! Like all industries, contact center industry is also drastically impacted by emergency of mobile device and consequent change in consumer behavior. This led to the emergence of email, chat and social media as a way of communication with the customers or in fact we moved from a voice based call center to a contact center. In technical term we call it as multichannel contact center, the contact center which provide multiple medium, i.e. telephone, email, web chat, social media etc. to communicate with the customers This change in consumer preference, forced the contact center to provide multichannel support, today nearly 70 % of contact center is providing partial or fully multichannel support, many reports even predicts that the other channels will overtake the traditional voice channel. But the main question is, do multichannel contact centre able to improve customer experience? Do contact centre able to provide consistent service acro