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KooKoo App Directory for voice services- Marrying the voice world with the mobile app world

As you know, we have a lot of developers building voice services on our KooKoo platform. Most of them have a problem of discoverability. Also, we were talking to several telcos and though most of them provide short code VAS services, remembering the short codes is a pain. One other problem was that building location based voice services currently is tough. So we were trying to think of some innovative way in which to solve these problems and we came up with the idea of building a simple android app which provides a clickable icon for all these services. Though the idea is simple, we hope that this solves some major problems. So we went ahead and hacked up "KooKoo Voice App Directory" , an android app.( ). At its heart, KooKoo Voice App Directory , is a contact directory application which tries to solve 3 problems. 1. Discovery : KooKoo has been a very popular platform for developers to build teleph

KooKoo partners with AksharSpeech to provide Telugu and Hindi Text to speech services

We are starting of the new year with a new partnership. Thanks to Aksharspeech( http://www. ) the <playtext> tag now supports Hindi and Telugu with Kannada coming soon. Just mention the language in the attribute "lang" With this, developers can now build telephony applications with text to speech in local languages. We also thank Aksharspeech for working with us in integrating the services . This attribute is free to try in the KooKoo developer account. For paid accounts to use this, there will be an extra charge of Rs.500 per KooKoo account per month. Example XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><response filler="yes">        <playtext speed="2" quality="normal" lang="TE">తలుగు పన        చసతుంద</playtext>        <playtext speed="2" quality="normal">In English</playtext>        <playtext speed="2"