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Contact Center: Time to move to the cloud

Contact Center solution industry, which is roughly 40 years old is witnessing a revolution with the advent of cloud solution. In the initial years like all cloud solution, it faced a lot of resistance from large organizations, they entered the market by enabling the small & medium business owner with contact center solution, who cannot afford costly primitive contact center solution. Many veterans of contact center industry have even said that cloud solution is only beneficial for small organizations and larger organization having more than 100 seater contact center will never accept cloud solution. But a recent report by DMG Research has shown that, all the companies are accepting Cloud Call Center solution , even the main players in primitive solution have started offering cloud solution. From data point of view, in 2008 cloud-based contact center was just 2.2%, 2011 it is doubled to 5.9% and by 2015 it is estimated capture at least 19% of total contact center market. The a

Cloud Telephony for Insurance

Ozonetel synergises with the insurance industry as the ‘Cloud Communications Partner’ for The ET Insurance Annual  Summit 2015 Ozonetel, the pioneer in Cloud Communications, recently participated as ‘ Cloud Communications Partner’ , and one of the key sponsors for the ‘ The Economic Times Insurance 2 nd Annual Summit 2015’ held on September 23, 2015 in Mumbai . Hosted by The Economic Times, this annual event was aimed bring together leaders from insurance industry to contemplate on relevant topics like policy & regulatory changes, insurance in financial inclusion, technology and consumer awareness strategies. The event was attended by the CXO level leaders from the Insurance Industry. Our Chief Growth Officer, Anurag Banerjee, moderated a high profile panel discussion on Customer Engagement in the Insurance Industry which was attended by the likes of G Durgadas, MD & CEO, SBI Life Insurance, Milan Naik, Country Head – Marketing & Institutional Business, Liberty

Call Center Integration with Pipedrive- Make and receive calls

If you are using Pipedrive, then you know how important proper communication is for the success of your sales teams. It becomes all the more imperative to have a call center system which properly integrates with your CRM to assist you with the right tools. You have to make sure that the right problem of the customer is addressed and the right points are made in a sale. To do this, access to contextual information is a must.  Ozonetel's  call center solution,  Cloudagent , with its integration with Pipedrive can now allow your agents to efficiently use your Pipedrive CRM. Supervisors can login to the supervisor console and use barge in facilities and monitor the call center. This CTI integration provides you with the following features: 1. Screenpops: Context is everything. When you get a call from a customer/prospective customer, it is very important to know the context so that you can answer better. What was the last call with this customer? Are there any pending requ

Selling to Indian SMEs

The other day, I saw a post from one of our competitors on how they never visit a customer and do the sale on the phone or over email. In fact they were wiling to let go of a customer if the customer insisted on a visit. Well, to each his own. But being a bootstrapped company, we cannot afford that pleasure. For us, customer is king and if he wants us to visit him to close the deal, we will gladly do that. I can write about how cool it is to sell over the phone and give some anecdotes on how quickly we closed some deals on the phone using some innovative techniques. They make for good stories. Stories that we want to listen. Stories that VCs want to listen. Nobody wants to listen to the story of the hard working sales guy, who made 4 visits to a single customer across the town through the traffic in peak hour. But thats the story that is getting us the money. And we live that story everyday. That is exactly the reason we have a sales team in almost 10 locations across India.

Website chat with visitor details

Its been almost a month since we launched Chat support on the Cloudagent platform and already a lot of customers have integrated their voice channel customer experience teams with the chat module. Today, we are adding a new module to the chat system. Using this module, we can get visitor details like Geography, Last pages visited, Last visit details, Company of the visitor and other contextual details. So when a chat session is started, now your agent has all this extra information at his fingertips which will allow him to make a better sale to your customer. Sign up now to add chat support to your website and empower your agents.