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Contact Center: Time to move to the cloud

Contact Center solution industry, which is roughly 40 years old is witnessing a revolution with the advent of cloud solution. In the initial years like all cloud solution, it faced a lot of resistance from large organizations, they entered the market by enabling the small & medium business owner with contact center solution, who cannot afford costly primitive contact center solution. Many veterans of contact center industry have even said that cloud solution is only beneficial for small organizations and larger organization having more than 100 seater contact center will never accept cloud solution.
But a recent report by DMG Research has shown that, all the companies are accepting Cloud Call Center solution, even the main players in primitive solution have started offering cloud solution. From data point of view, in 2008 cloud-based contact center was just 2.2%, 2011 it is doubled to 5.9% and by 2015 it is estimated capture at least 19% of total contact center market. The analysts were also very optimistic about the growth prospects, it is projected to grow in between 40-50 % in FY 2015-16.
This clearly indicates that cloud contact center has crossed resistance phase or Introduction phase of its life cycle and entered into the growth phase.

In the growth phase, from global prospective the adoption of a cloud solution by big organization is crucial for sustained growth, the main reason for adoption for cloud technology are:
Recessionary effect: The global recession which started in 2008, still being felt with uncertain Chinese economy & Greece Crisis. It forced the big organization to think for a cost effective solution, i.e. also very efficient. Cloud Contact Center solution need almost zero initial capital (CAPEX) and operational expense also decreases appreciably (nearly 60-70%), no cost is incurred for technology upgrade.
Ease in Management of Distributed Sites: In the globalised world, it is always better to have contact center at multiple location for good productive, with cloud solution organization can easily set up contact center at multiple location and can manage all the location in a better way.
Faster Deployment: Cloud based full-fledged contact center can be set up with within few hours.
Flexibility, Scalability, and Business agility: Cloud contact center solution is very flexible and highly scalable solution. Organization can easily scale up or down the number of seats, meet immediate and seasonal demand, and customize solution that suits the business needs.
As India is the fastest growing economy of the planet, also most happening place from economy prospective, by very conservative approach also it should grow 7-10% more than world average ,i.e. 50-60%, the main reason for  high growth of cloud contact center in India are:
Start-up Environment: Today India has best start-up ecosystem, In 2014 India has 3,100 start-ups and it is projected to increase to 11,500 by 2020. It is the start-up’s that first accepted the cloud telephony and used it to its full potential. The increase in start-up would definitely fuel the growth of India’s cloud contact center market.  
Emerging Start-up: With support of better funding and huge market, many start-ups has grown exponentially in few years, like flipkart, snapdeal, foodpanda, bigbasket etc. As start-up they have started their operation with cloud solution, due to better service and having good understanding of solution they continued their service on cloud, grown from 2-3 seater to 400-500 seater. These emerging start-ups would be role model for big organizations, could act as influencer in the buying process. The growth of emerging start-up would act as a catalyst for cloud contact center market in India.
MSME Sector: India has more than 48 million SME (source: Ministry of MSME, GoI), most of them need at least an IVR and Call management service. Due to geographical location and ignorance about cloud telephony technology this huge market remained a challenge for all the companies. The company able to explore this market would definitely able to increase the market size.
Growth stage is an important stage of any product, it brings lots of hope and opportunity for companies, at the same time it also most challenging stage from competition prospective. The Same thing is being observed  for Cloud Contact Center, most of the primitive solution provider like of Avaya, Cisco has started offering Cloud Contact Center Solution and many new companies hav come up within few years.
Competition is fierce, but opportunity is also huge, the company able to serve the customer better, able to retain customer, follow the fundamental of marketing, Sales, Operation will undoubtedly see a high growth for years.
                                                                                                              Written By,
                                                                                                              Abhay Kumar
                                                                                                             Ozonetel Systems Private Ltd
About Ozonetel: Ozonetel Systems is an India based Cloud Telephony Solution provider, Ozonetel provide complete cloud contact center solution, multichannel( i.e. voice, email, social media, SMS, chat) communication solution and marketing solution i.e. platform to run innovative customized marketing campaign like miss call campaign, sms campaign, email campaign and many more.

Ozonetel is trusted by more than 1000 companies worldwide. For more please visit us over the web at<> or just click here ( for free demo.

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