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Enabling payments over IVR to help cashless economy

Since cashless economy and demonetization has taken over the collective mindest of the nation I started thinking of what we can do to help. After all, we are also patriots :) So since we are in the cloud telephony space, I thought of outlining a flow which can be adopted by wallet companies to enable payment by IVR . Complete payment on the phone using bank accounts is hard now because of the security restrictions and regulations created by the banks. Though theoretically its possible using UPI. But for this blog lets look at wallet to wallet transfer. Give a missed call to pay flow which will allow cash transfer: Share a 1-800 number for customers to give a missed call to . (or give a virtual DID to a business) When the customer gives a missed call, he gets a call back. IVR asks him to say/enter phone number of the business to pay to. ( KooKoo has the capability to recognize 10 digit phone numbers in Hindi and English). IVR asks to enter the amount to pay. IVR as

Do you have a robust Inside sales process?

With the emergence of inbound marketing, Inside sales has become a prominent function contributing to a company’s growth. Do you have a robust and productive inside sales process? As inside sales mostly happens over the call, tracking the sales calls is important to ensure timely review & feedback, to identify the right practices to be implemented. The Inside sales team was involved in selling 3 product of different pricing and it was important to understand which product is taking up how much of the rep’s time in the sales process. Ideally, a low value product should be given a proportionately lower effort from a direct contact perspective and push for more interaction via indirect channels like emails. Problem In order to improve the team’s efficiency & monitor productivity, the management was keen to review key metrics like How much effort is put on each product Number of calls made to close a lead for each products Which sales person is making maxim

Direct click to call from Zoho CRM

Adding telephony to your Zoho CRM Today most of the manufacturing companies have a CRM in order to capture the basic customer information and manage the customer life cycle. As we move ahead, to enhance customer experience and make conversation seamless, it is necessary to integrate telephony solution with CRM. Recently we integrated calling solution for a manufacturing company using Zoho CRM.  Background: A 40 yr old company primarily manufacturing fertilizer and other agri products. They have published a number where farmers as well as distributors can directly call  All the conversation are manually updated in the CRM. Problem- Lack of a telephony linkage with the CRM prevents the management from understanding what was the actual conversation which transpired between the Farmer & the agent. In the scenario that the agent changes historical records of the calls are lost along-with the context of the call. Lack of quality check of the calls being received – Si

Chat bots and TV shows-Big Boss Bot

TV shows have always been a one way street. Its not without reason that the TV is known as the idiot box. But thats about to change with the advent of bots. Chat bots provide a medium where TV viewers can interact at real time with a TV show. Who knows maybe in the future viewers can even control the flow of a show using chat bots. Imagine you vote on live TV if a character is supposed to be killed off or not ;) Allow people to take videos of recipes and post it to be featured on Masterchef etc. The ideas are limitless. A small step was made in this direction recently when one of the biggest TV shows in India, Bigg Boss, started interacting with the viewers on FB messenger. A big thanks to our WPP partners, Tenth Avenue, for making this deal happen and also for the awesome creative ideas they bring to the table. So what does the Big Boss bot do? Viewers can get the basic show information like details about the contestant. Immediate & 24/7 response – Viewers will g