Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Take control of your support and sales with Cloudagent call center software integration with Zoho

If you are using Zoho, then you know how important proper communication is for the success of your sales and support teams. It becomes all the more imperative to have a call center system which properly integrates with your CRM to assist you with the right tools.

You have to make sure that the right problem of the customer is addressed and the right points are made in a sale. To do this, access to contextual information is a must. Ozonetel's call center solution, Cloudagent, with its deep integration with Zoho CRM now provides your sales and support teams with a full featured call center solution at their fingertips. This integration provides you with the following features:

1. Screenpops:
Context is everything. When you get a call from a customer/prospective customer, it is very important to know the context so that you can answer better. What was the last call with this customer? Are there any pending requests from this customer?
Cloudagent manages your customer profiles and updates the info after each call. This way, the information is still in one place, your Zoho CRM and you can access it when needed. Cloudagent does not access any of your data and your data is safe. 
2. ACD:
Cloudagent provides all the features of a full fledged call center including ACD. You can define skills and other routing logic to manage your callers. You can even set your queue size and hold music. You can create skill groups similar to your groups in your Zoho CRM. You can create groups related to similar opportunities or Accounts.
3. Call flow(IVR) Control:
Since Cloudagent is integrated with KooKoo, you can use the full power of the cloud telephony platform to build complex IVR flows to your callers. A visual IVR designer is also included to create drag and drop flows. You can even configure what to do with missed calls or calls that go to voice mail Cloudagent integrates with Zoho to create a case and update the activity for the contact/lead.
4. Call Control:
Your agent is speaking to the customer. Unfortunately, he cannot answer some queries. He needs to get a technical person/manager involved. What to do? With Cloudagent and its call control toolbar,its easy. Just click a button and conference another agent. Or transfer the call to an expert so that you can continue with other calls. Or place the caller on hold while you go get the details. All this and much more can be done with the agent toolbar.

5. Call end triggers:
At the end of the call the agent can have options to add a new contact or update existing contact. He can even set up follow up tasks. All from the same screen which saves a lot of time.

In addition to all this, Cloudagent provides a click to call facility inside Zoho CRM so that agents can click on a contact phone number from inside the CRM to initiate a call.
You can try all these features today. 
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It takes 5 minutes to get your call center started on Cloudagent. Once setup, it can help your sales teams to close deals faster and your support teams to close tickets faster.

Cloud Telephony comes to Lucknow

We at Ozonetel are proud to launch our latest data center in Lucknow. This allows Lucknow businesses to get a local phone number on the cloud.
Now Lucknow businesses can have a cloud based call center and cater to global audiences.
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With this, we now have 15 data centers in India,11 states and 14 cities. The largest spread than any other cloud telephony provider.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Adding Voice to your Slack

What is better than Slack?
Giving your team Slack a voice :)
Now you can do that, by integrating KooKoo(Cloud Telephony) with Slack.

Here is how you can do it, The fastest way to have a phone conference :)

Team is discussing on slack. The chat is becoming too verbose, you want to get on a call and sort it out. 
Just do /conference @user1 @user2
Users are connected in a conference and can discuss.
Assumptions: users have added their phone numbers in their profile.
you can also include arbitrary phone numbers /conference @user1 09888766765 etc.

I love this. What should I do to start using this?

Step 1: Get a Slack account

Step 2: Get a KooKoo (Cloud Telephony) account. For users not in India send us a mail at sales@ozonetel.com and we will set you up.

Step 3: Configure.

Unfortunately there is no one click setup as Slack has still not added KooKoo to their integration list. We are in the wait list. Come on Slack guys. Hurry up. Lots of users waiting here. 

So you will need to manually configure. 

Ok, here goes. 

You will need to create a new slash command in slack.You can do that by going to integrations and selecting slash command at the bottom. 
In the slash command configuration page:

Command: /conference(You can name this anything you want)

Url: http://kookoo.in/customers/slack/slack.php?api_token={slack_api_token}&verify_token={slash_command_token}&kookoo_api={kookoo_api_key}

You can find your slack_api_token at https://api.slack.com/web
The slash_command_token will be in the same form below
Your kookoo_api_key is KKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Method: GET

Token: This will be prefilled. Use this to populate the slash_command_token parameter in the URL above.

Rest you can leave empty and save the integration.

Then, just go to any channel and type the command /conference @user1 @user2 etc. Thats it. They should be connected if they have configured a mobile number in their profile.(Phone number should be 0 followed by 10 digit mobile)

You can also directly call phone numbers /conference 09888788767 09888766765 etc
Sunday, May 17, 2015

NGO IVRs powered by KooKoo-Ozonetel

In India, Cloud telephony is getting increasingly more acceptance and with the result, the telephony APIs are also showing exponential growth with businesses trying to build their custom apps for both telephony and mobile.

Ozonetel’s Kookoo platform supports open APIs and we have over 4000 developers who have registered on our platform. KooKoo is the simplest and easiest way to build telecom applications, IVRs, and outbound campaigns. KooKoo platform can be used to support a wide array of telephony functions. It does not know anything about a business application and it does not store the customer’s data. The ease of building apps using our APIs on KooKoo has made it a favorite in the developer community.

Grameen Foundation India together with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is doing a lot of work with the AIDS patients in the marginalized sections of the society. Grameen Foundation India is supporting mobile health initiatives in India through their MOTECH Platform. At the core of the Motech platform, they have used KooKoo to build the apps that send out these reminders and alerts to the AIDs patients. The Treatment Advice by Mobile Alerts (TAMA) program aims to increase treatment for HIV/AIDS patients by sending reminders and alerts to patients and their caregivers. BBC Media Action, CARE and the World Health Program are also collaborating to improve the delivery of maternal and neonatal health services in Bihar using their MOTECH platform.

As more and more customers are leaning towards cloud telephony, there is going to be a huge surge in innovation in telephony applications. Being on the cloud gives customers lot more flexibility with building customized applications. Since each customer has unique requirements, they can now have their own uniquely designed solutions with minimum developer efforts. Ozonetel platform is built in such a way that it does not require extensive programming skills from the developers.
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ozonetel at SugarCon 2015

Ozonetel Systems was the only Indian Company that participated in the SugarCon 2015. SugarCon is an annual conference hosted by SugarCRM in San Francisco for their partners and potential customers.

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Sign up to take advantage of Cloudagent's deep integration with Sugar CRM. 
At SugarCon 2015, SugarCRM unveiled a new vision of CRM as the engine of a powerful enterprise customer engagement strategy, introduced Sugar 7.6, and offered attendees a rich set of presentations, panel discussions and technical sessions. It was a fantastic time for Sugar users, partners, developers, and industry leaders to Connect i2i, building and strengthening extraordinary relationships. The whole focus was on providing individualized experience to the end users.
Ozonetel, the pioneer in Cloud Communication in India has integrated with all the leading CRMs that include SugarCRM, ZOHO, SalesForce, FreshDesk and all other customized CRMs. At SugarCon 2015, Ozonetel showcased a case study that highlighted the Social Media & multi-channel integration with SugarCRM and our Contact Centre Solution, CloudAgent at the App Throwdown where various SugarCRM partners showcased how they had used the SugarCRM integration to provide innovative solutions to businesses.
Our case study was based on a leading online grocery store in India that has benefited immensely when Ozonetel partnered with SugarCRM and successfully integrated it with CloudAgent, the Contact Centre solution.
The customer has multi-channel touch points with its customers – be it voice, email or social media which were being handled individually. But with Ozonetel Solution, all customer interactions from various touch points get raised in a single trouble ticket – allowing the support team to have a seamless interaction with the customer. With the Ozonetel & Sugar CRM solution, the customer is able to track customer emails, comments on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) and the response rate in real time. Additionally:
    • The customer saved 100% in Capex with Ozonetel Solution
    • Gets real time Business Intelligence
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction by reduced Customer Call waiting time
    • Increased Sales by 25% by returning missed calls

Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 ingredients to improve your call center effectiveness

Business communication is handled by the people who talk to the customers directly. Very often we hear about the difference between the top management who makes Policies and the employees who are making conversations with the customers. Many a times these policies that are made by the top management are not passed on properly to their junior employees, or monitored by the top management to ensure these policies are in place. Having the Quality Management in place can help the organization ensure quality in their business communication with its customers. Quality management has become an essential monitoring for all business calls.

In order to ensure that the strategies framed by the top management reach its customers, there need to mechanism which ensures continuous improvement with its ground level staff which represents the company to its customers.
CloudAgent’s quality management features allow organizations to constantly monitor the conversations of ground level staff. 

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Some of the secret ingredients for effective call management are:
  1.       Adopting a universal philosophy of Sign on. Quality has to be a Central thought. CloudAgent offer’s a universal sign in policy for its employees. The management can see the amount of the time spent by its employees on calls. This can show if the resource allocated to a particular process gets utilized effectively.
  2.        Culture Leadership: Organizational leadership is like spokes in a cycle tyre. The top management has to be aware of what is happening in each of their processes. Even if one spoke of the tyre is missing, would affect the productivity or the organization. CloudAgent help the management ge the complete view of the organization. It give 200+ reports which can be scheduled or evaluating the performance.
  3.       Training employees: Training employees on new and the existing policies can ensure that every employee in the organization is in the same page. Ongoing weekly or monthly trainings can increase the depth of the conversations they can have with their customers.
  4.        Encouraging Team Work: Employees learn quickly from their peers. Creating and encouraging the culture of team work and payoff as many employees would not want to go back to their seniors for every question they want to get clarity on. Many of the small questions can be address at a peer level itself.
  5.        Introduce Self Evaluation Criteria: Assign/define performance matrix for employees and ask your employees to take up self evaluation tests. Many companies consider self evaluation as a good learning tool. It can also act as a powerful building blocks to quality improvement

For enquiries please send us a email to sales@ozonetel.com or call us at 1-800-200-0820

Monday, April 20, 2015

Integrate Freshdesk with Cloudagent Call Center Software

Cloudagent provides deep integration with Freshdesk. Now your support agents can combine the advantages of Freshdesk with the ease and flexibility of Cloudagent contact center software. Details given below

Ozonetel's Cloudagent Integrates With Freshdesk
Freshdesk and Ozonetel have partnered together to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage their customer communication online and offline. Ozonetel has successfully integrated its Contact Centre solution, CloudAgent, with Freshdesk software to add telephony to the offering. With this integration, the calls can be handled intelligently and efficiently by the call center agents. The agents can view the tickets raised in Freshdesk and can greet the callers by their names, request them to enter their ticket ID and provide the ticket status to the callers. The callers are routed intelligently to the appropriate call agent based on the nature of the ticket. The integration provides businesses with a cost-effective, enhanced customer management solution.
Manage Costs & Improve Efficiency
The cloud piece of this is a major attraction. With more and more companies moving to the cloud for plug & play solutions that can work without installing any software or hardware, this type of integration in many instances is becoming a necessity. The Ozonetel's CloudAgent integration with Freshdesk provides what is characterized as "an immediate, market-ready solution at a fraction of the cost of other providers." The joint solution is aimed at contact centers as the additional functionality provides a unified view of distributed contact centers across cities or countries with simple integration points and little overhead. This is designed to both increase productivity and cut costs.
RaviRaj Chauhan from Aspring Minds says, "All the registrations done from the website are recorded on Freshdesk. These are then uploaded on the Ozonetel platform and the Ozonetel platform dials out to the registered users/customers to complete the registration process. The Ozonetel and Freshdesk integration is very flexible and we don't have to buy any hardware and software. Our agents can start dialling using a URL. We can ourselves design the calling pattern whether outbound or inbound using this solution. Aspiring Minds used inbound calling largely for support and outbound calling for marketing and sales for all registrations done on the website."
About Freshdesk: 
Freshdesk is a Cloud-based customer support software that helps businesses across the world make customers happy. Launched in 2010, Freshdesk has helped over 30,000 customers across the world, including 3M, Honda, Hugo BossUniversity of Pennsylvania, The Atlantic, and QuizUp to deliver exceptional customer experience. It lets companies efficiently categorize and prioritize issues, get as much information as possible about customers upfront and build a community of passionate customers through key features - multi product support, SLAs, automation features, a knowledge base, a self service portal and community forums presented in a simple and user friendly way.
For more information, visit www.freshdesk.com or follow on @freshdesk
About Ozonetel:
Ozonetel, a Telco-grade CaaS (Communication as a Service) platform on the cloud enables its customers to continuously engage with their customers throughout the customer life cycle through marketing, sales, support and retention programs. Ozonetel is the only Telco-grade multi-channel (voice, video, chat, sms) communication platform on the cloud in India. A business does not need to make investment in any on-site technology and in an IT team to manage and upgrade the communication piece. A business can expand globally in minutes with Freshdesk CRM and Ozonetel.
For more information, visit www.ozonetel.com or follow on @OzonetelSystems