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Cloud Telephony for Automobile Industry

The founder of modern management Peter Drucker called the automobile industry as "the industry of industries".
Today the Indian automobile industry is the most attractive industry, it contributes nearly 7% to country’s GDP and growing at a rate of nearly 10% YoY(source: SIAM, TechSci Research). The burgeoning Indian market has even attracted the global players like Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari all has setup their outlet in India.
Undoubtedly the opportunity is huge, but the competition is also fierce. The increased competition  has forced  the companies to look into the service aspects of the business starting from pre sales to after sales service. According to  Frost & Sullivan,  over 60 per cent of Indian customers give  importance to  after-sales service,  service plays a crucial role in buying decision process.
If we analyze the outbound supply chain and customer service, we will find that there are lots of loopholes, many of them can be easily solved if we streamline the communication process.
Current Scenario& Challenges:
If we look outbound supply chain of the automotive industry, its very complex a distributor has to handle multiple dealers and many times to reach remote location, the dealer have network of sub-dealers and retailers.
The main pain point or areas of improvement at the customer touch-point i.e. dealer are:
  • All the dealers  are independently working, there is no way to track the  quality of service and  monitor the customer calls
  • Complete sales process from lead generation to sales are handled by the dealers, there are no mechanics to track the process, i.e  how dealers are handling leads, which dealer is performing better or have a   better lead conversion ratio.
  • Customer service like alert to customers for vehicle service, renewal of insurance, all these services are dependent on the mercy of dealers.  There is  no uniformity in the service across the dealer network
  • There  is no communication process between the dealers, to optimally use the existing inventory, i.e Cars,bikes or any spare part
  • The promotion campaign run by the company is completely dependent on dealers and their partners.
Solution Offering from Ozonetel:
A Cloud Telephony solution is recommended for a distributor or network of dealers, it includes centralised call recording system, hosted IVR for inbound calls and progressive dialer for centralised outbound call center. The solution helps the automobile company or distributor to track all the calls,   streamline the communication process, improve leads conversion ratio  ultimately standardized customer service and increases customer satisfaction.

All the incoming calls  greeted with an IVR  then forwarded to the respective dealer’s sales or support team. It will help to track all the lead and  centralised call recording would help in monitoring quality of calls

If the call comes in off hours, customers be greeted with a message, customer message would be recorded .

Ex: If any customer calls for sales the call will first come to the centralised system than according to customer preference it will be diverted to a dealer.
Centralized Outbound call center, with a progressive dialer, for running all promotional campaign via call, SMS, email and customer service like remainder for vehicle service, insurance renewal etc.

All the customer specific  outbound call from dealer would also be recorded in centralized database

It will help in standardizing   the quality  of service and will make  promotion campaign more effective

Cloud Telephony is very flexible solution, it can be  customized to fit the organization need.The solution mentioned above is just one way to streamline the communication process.                    

About Ozonetel: Ozonetel Systems is an India based Cloud Telephony Solution provider, it’s only Indian company that developed cloud telephony platform and provide complete cloud call center solution.
Ozonetel is currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals. Ozonetel is serving many automobile dealers’ network across India.
For more, please visit us over the web at<> or just click here ( for a free demo

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