Friday, December 3, 2010

Add voice to your twitter account using KooKoo and Twitter API

For users who just want to try twitter voice instead of building one, you can visit and try it out.

  1. Go to twitter apps page and register a new application.Enter application name, description and choose Client as the application type. Also choose Read & Write as the Default Access Type and choose to use twitter for login.
  2. Note down ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret
  3. Download TwitterAuth java application,unzip and run java -jar TwitterAuth.jar [ConsumerKey] [ConsumerSecret]
  4. Follow on screen prompts and enter pin and get the [Access token] and [Access token secret]
  5. Download Twitter OAuth PHP library and extract it in your web root. The original version of this library is at This is the awesome Twitter OAuth library developed by Abraham.
  6. Create KooKoo page kookoovoice.php in your web root with the following content
require_once("twitteroauth/twitteroauth.php");//include twitter library
require_once("response.php");//include KooKoo library

$r=new Response(); //create a response object
if($_REQUEST['event']=="NewCall") //when a new call comes...
$r->addPlayText("Please record your voice tweet after the beep and Hangup"); //tell KooKoo to play some text
$r->addRecord("test"); //tell KooKoo to record some content

else if($_REQUEST['event']=="Hangup") //once a user hangs up the call,do the following
$url=$_REQUEST['data']; //store the URL of the recorded file
//get a connection to your twitter account
$connection = new TwitterOAuth([ConsumerKey], [ConsumerSecret],[Access token],[Access token secret]);$connection->post('statuses/update', array('status' =>"$url")); //post the URL of the recorded file
Login to your KooKoo account and update your URL to point to kookoovoice.php.

Call the KooKoo developer number 91-40-39411020 and record your tweet. Your tweet should appear in your twitter stream.

Let me know if you have any more creative ideas to mashup telephone with twitter.