Monday, August 22, 2011

KooKoo, now with SMS integration

Well, its finally here. SMS integration. This was one of the most sought after features on KooKoo and now we have enabled this as a beta feature.

KooKoo has always been able to send SMS using the <sendsms> tag. But receiving sms by applications was a problem.Now, your applications can receive SMS as well as send SMS.

The following are the steps to enable receiving of SMS for your application.

1. Login to your account, go to settings and assign a keyword to your application(Only for gold and silver eggs, normal eggs do not have this feature). Do this fast as keywords are unique and you may not get the exact keyword you are looking for if someone has already acquired it.

2. Ask your users to send an SMS to 0-922-750-751-2 with "your_keyword <space> message" as a message.

That's it. You have now enabled a data channel for your application.

When KooKoo receives the SMS, it checks your keyword and forwards to your application URL with the following parameters:


Update your application at the application URL to handle this new event and you are set.


Using this feature, we have enabled the SMS channel for our example apps Voicebuzz and Twittervoice

Register with voicebuzz and twittervoice and

Send an SMS to 0922-750-751-2 with voicebuzz <space> message as the content to post to your Facebook wall or

Send an SMS to 0922-750-751-2 with tweet <space> message as the content to post a tweet.

Please note that incoming SMS is available only to Gold and Silver egg accounts. Also, incoming SMS are charged, 8ps/sms for Golden egg accounts and 10ps/sms for Silver egg accounts. We will soon be posting a rate card for you to get your own numbers and other details.