Monday, February 13, 2012

OpenVBX Support in KooKoo

Adapted from Random Musings by Sandeep:

It's finally here. As you all know, OpenVBX is open source web phone system created by Twilio. It allows you to create your business phone system using a simple drag and drop approach. Accompanied by its plugin repository, it has become a very successful and hacker friendly for people to come out with very innovative integrations. You can find some videos here:

You want A/B testing of your call flows, we got you covered. You want call routing, that's there too. What about CRM integration? Absolutely yes. You can find these and a lot more plugins at the Plugin Repository

Because it is such a useful system and it is open source, other telephony guys have also provided their own flavours, the most famous of which is TropoVBX

We have also been thinking of releasing a KooKoo patch for OpenVBX, but for lack of time we were not able to get around to it. But luckily, Sandeep from Talkifi setup a project at StalkNinja as he had a need for such a system. Thanks to the ease of the OpenVBX system and KooKoo APIs it was immediately taken up and completed by a first year IIT Chennai student Mr.Janardhan. You can find the project details here,

Sandeep has used the system and very graciously has agreed to share the code on our request. So you can download OpenVBX adapted to KooKoo here.

So go ahead, download KooKooVBX and use it to build your own innovative cloud business phone systems. Since it is all in PHP, you are free to create/hack your own system and resell it on top of KooKoo and take advantage of the robust platform and spread of KooKoo(present in 8 states) in one go.