Friday, May 20, 2016

Competitor bidding for your company name

We have almost never bid for our company name, Ozonetel, in Google. Our reasoning was that since anyway we show up as the first link it would not matter much. We have also never bid for a competitor's name.

Some of our competitors have been bidding on our name for the last few years. We are ok with it. Not too concerned because we know we have a better product. And we would want the customers to know our competition. We have enough confidence in our product and do not want to win a customer just because he does not know about our competitors.

But this time, one competitor went a step ahead. He started using our name in the ad copy(as shown below) which is against Google rules and also put some falsifications in the landing page.

Some falsifications can be put down to ignorance, but some were clearly purposeful, like we not having a Salesforce integration.

We informed Google and also the competitor concerned and they have now apparently removed our name in the ad copy. But the falsifications remain in their landing page. On asking about that, the competitor informed us that the data are true as per their facts.

So, in interest of fairness, we thought we should also show the data as per "our" facts. To learn about how Cloudagent is much better than other call center solutions, please check our comparison chart :)
Once again, these comparison data points are as per our understanding and we advise all prospective customers to take a demo of all systems and then take a call and not fall for online propaganda,because you see, we can write whatever we want on the web ;)