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Cloudagent Call Center Integration with Zendesk

If you are using Zendesk, then you are in luck. The world's best cloud call center is now available in the Zendesk app store
Proper communication is most important for the success of your sales and support teams. It becomes all the more imperative to have a call center system which properly integrates with your CRM to assist you with the right tools.

You have to make sure that the right problem of the customer is addressed and the right points are made in a sale. To do this, access to contextual information is a must. Ozonetel's call center solution, Cloudagent, with its deep integration with Zendesk now provides your sales and support teams with a full featured call center solution at their fingertips. The integration is available on Zendesk at
This integration provides you with the following features:
1. Screenpops:
Context is everything. When you get a call from a customer/prospective customer, it is very important to know the context so that you can answer better. What was the last call with this customer? Are there any pending requests from this customer?
Cloudagent manages your customer profiles and updates the info after each call. This way, the information is still in one place, your Zendesk and you can access it when needed. Cloudagent does not access any of your data and your data is safe inside Zendesk. 
2. ACD:
Cloudagent provides all the features of a full fledged call center including ACD. You can define skills and other routing logic to manage your callers. You can even set your queue size and hold music. You can create skill groups similar to your groups in your Zendesk. You can create groups related to similar tickets.
3. Call flow(IVR) Control:
Since Cloudagent is integrated with KooKoo, you can use the full power of the cloud telephony platform to build complex IVR flows to your callers. A visual IVR designer is also included to create drag and drop flows. You can even configure what to do with missed calls or calls that go to voice mail Cloudagent integrates with Zendek to create a ticket and update the activity for the contact.
4. Call Control:
Your agent is speaking to the customer. Unfortunately, he cannot answer some queries. He needs to get a technical person/manager involved. What to do? With Cloudagent and its call control toolbar,its easy. Just click a button and conference another agent. Or transfer the call to an expert so that you can continue with other calls. Or place the caller on hold while you go get the details. All this and much more can be done with the agent toolbar.

5. Call end triggers:
At the end of the call the agent can have options to add a new contact or update existing contact. He can even set up follow up tasks. All from the same screen which saves a lot of time.

In addition to all this, Cloudagent provides a click to call facility inside Zendesk so that agents can click on a contact phone number from inside the system to initiate a call.
You can try all these features today. 
Ask For a Free Demo 
It takes 5 minutes to get your call center started on Cloudagent. Once setup, it can help your sales teams to close deals faster and your support teams to close tickets faster.

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