Sunday, January 27, 2013

Savdhan, group alerting telephony app

We found an innovative use case of telephony by We spoke to the founders about their idea and got the following responses:

1. What was the main reason for building this?

Deepankar:  To enable 100% women to utilize those important minutes without letting the surroundings know.

2. How are you planning on monetizing this?

Deepankar: Currently it is free and we will take a call if the SMS cost is unmanageable.

3. Any new features that are forthcoming?

Deepankar:  Lots of features in terms of audio playback, sirens, location etc, but only if we get some good traction.

Overall, its a pretty neat service and has some good use cases. Coming on the heels of the Delhi rape case, the use case may resonate with users.

We think, the app has a lot more potential than the main use case. It could be a good group communication app. Just like we can create a group for alerting in case of emergencies, maybe we can create groups for different scenarios(office meeting, weekend cricket match, office bus etc) and utilize the same format for alerting. This could open up different possibilities for Savdhan.