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Telephony Ideas

After the wonderful startup weekend conducted in Delhi, the scene now shifts to Bangalore. I actually wanted to do this blog before the Delhi event, but I got a little busy and could not do it. So here we go.

In this blog post I will try to mention as many ideas as possible which can built using the KooKoo platform. So, in no particular order, the ideas:

  1. Appointment reminder service. Call attendees and remind them. This could be useful for event management websites etc
  2. Group voice messaging. Create groups on the website. Call a number and record your message, choose the group.The people in the group will be called and the message will be played back.This could be useful for managers to send a message to the team or CEOs to send a message to the employees etc.
  3. On the fly conferencing solutions
  4. Birthday reminder. Store all your friend's birthdays. When the birthday comes, you will get a call first and KooKoo will inform you  whose birthday it is and then it will call your friend so that you can wish him/her. Never forget a birthday. Can be applied for other occasions.
  5. Anonymous chat in Matrimonial sites. The prospective groom and bride are connected without exposing their phone numbers to discuss
  6. Allow restaurants to create a IVR for reserving a seat, find out about the latest menu etc. Restaurants can just sign up, create their profile and they will be assigned a number. When people call the number the profile will be played out.
  7. Voice reminders
  8. Phone idol: Anyone can call and sing a song. The best songs can be voted  and the Idol can be chosen.
  9. Voice blogs
  10. Connecting experts and users over voice. I think this is being done by voicetap.But some variation of the idea can be done by KooKoo
  11. Voice greetings.
  12. Build real time user reported news service. People can call and record a news item. the news items will be voted up or down in a reddit fashion.
  13. Diet tracker: Setup a diet plan. KooKoo will call everyday and ask you to enter your weight. Track your progress. This can be made more fun.
  14. Audio guides for tourist
  15. Phone based customer support framework.
These are just some ideas which could be experimented with. I will update this post with more ideas soon. And remember, ideas can only do so much. Its all about execution. All the best.

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