Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hackathon - KooKoo resources

KooKoo is one of the most used developer platform in India with more than 10,000 developers on our platform. Innovative startups like Zipdial have been built on our platform and startups like Zomato,Practo etc use KooKoo to power their telephony.

Ozonetel and KooKoo have always supported hackathons and weekend events including Startup Weekend. 

To start using KooKoo for your hack,just follow these two steps:

1. Sign up for a free developer account.

2. Visit Developer page and start with the quick start

You can use KooKoo to

1. Send and receive SMS.
2. Build a telephony poll
3. Build a wedding IVR
4. Connect Facebook and Twitter with your voice
5. Create live Dashboards

Create a conference of your Slack team, missed call apps, send alerts when something is down etc.

Let your imagination run wild. Anything related to communication, KooKoo will help you do it.

You can have a look at some cool hacks that some BITS students did a couple of years back on KooKoo at

If you need to get a dedicated phone number to test your hack, send a mail to with the subject "{Hackathon name} KooKoo upgrade - username"

Example PHP code can be found at the Github page.