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KooKoo expands services to new circles

As a next step to provide pan India coverage, Ozonetel launches KooKoo services in 3 new locations,  Kolkota, Delhi and Pune. With this, KooKoo is now present in 7 locations: Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi Mumbai Kolkota Pune KooKoo users can now get local numbers from all these locations and build their voice services like IVR System and PBX systems . Please let us know in the comments where would you like to see KooKoo service next and we will try our best to provide the service in that location at the earliest.

KooKoo, now with SMS integration

Well, its finally here. SMS integration. This was one of the most sought after features on KooKoo and now we have enabled this as a beta feature. KooKoo has always been able to send SMS using the <sendsms> tag. But receiving sms by applications was a problem.Now, your applications can receive SMS as well as send SMS. The following are the steps to enable receiving of SMS for your application. 1. Login to your account, go to settings and assign a keyword to your application( Only for gold and silver eggs, normal eggs do not have this feature) . Do this fast as keywords are unique and you may not get the exact keyword you are looking for if someone has already acquired it. 2. Ask your users to send an SMS to 0-922-750-751-2 with "your_keyword <space> message" as a message. That's it. You have now enabled a data channel for your application. When KooKoo receives the SMS, it checks your keyword and forwards to your application URL with the following

Startup weekend-The What,When,How,Who and Why?

So Startup Weekend is coming to Hyderabad.   Hyderabad Startup Weekend will be held from September 2nd to September 4th in ISB. In this blog post I will try to answer the what,how and why questions about Startup Weekend and in that process try to shed some light on what this is all about from my perspective. What is Startup Weekend and What is its purpose? For the uninitiated, from the Startup Weekend website: Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups So, Startup Weekend is a "global network": Once you take part in a Startup Weekend program, you tap into a global network of like minded people who share common interests and you will get valuable feedback about your product from everyone. Startup Weekend's mission is to "inspire, educate and empower": During the course of the 54