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Importance of an IVR flow in a call center

One of the most overlooked factors in implementing a call center is the IVR flow. Though we have one of the most powerful cloud telephony platforms, KooKoo , which allows you to create any IVR flow, many of our Cloudagent customers choose to just welcome a caller and connect them to an agent. An agent is the most costly resource in a call center and we should make judicious use of their time. A well designed IVR system does just that. Callers usually call for some information. If an IVR is intelligent enough to identify and give the information to the caller, the callers will be happy and your agents will be free to handle the more important calls. We will look at some good design principles for IVR design Personalize the IVR . Greet the caller by name. Reduce the depth of the menus. More than 2 is not suggested or your callers can get lost in a menu maze. Provide enough queues. Play queue position and provide option to caller to get a callback. Play contextual inf

Tracking your Marketing ROI using Cloud Telephony

We at Ozonetel have come out with a new tool that can help you track your marketing ROI. The general customer flow goes something like this: 1. Customer searches on the web 2. Customer clicks on your ad. 3. Customer lands up on your site. 4. Customer browses the site. 5. Some customers call. 6. Some of them buy and some move on. Now, the web tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics etc allow you to track the flow from start to end and you can make optimizations on how make more people buy. The problem comes with step 5 above. What happens with the customers who call? Did they continue on the site after the call? Did they leave after the call? What was told in the call? There can be lot of optimizations done to handle the customers who call and this is where we come in. We have a simple tool which will help you track this communication. We enable this by sharing a simple javascript code which you put in your landing pages corresponding to different campaigns