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Building Voice Bots using Kookoo cloud telephony

Chat bots were big in 2017. Then the hype died down a little bit. We still have a lot of chat bots. But now the chat bots are more practical and solve real problems. Chat bots have their space and they solve a problem. But as we all know, voice is more natural. What if we can have a chat bot interface on the voice channel. Well, as I explained in my previous blog post , you always could build a voice bot on Kookoo . But now with the launch of Kookoo speech API , it has become much easier to build voice bots using Kookoo. In fact if you have already built a chat bot( Xploree , Verloop , FB messenger, Alexa etc), adding a voice channel to your bot is as simple as just signing up for Kookoo and enabling the service. A simple pipeline to convert your chat bot to voice bot Lets say you have chat bot that gives information about State Tourism . Its obviously a request response conversation model where the user types a request and the bot responds. So current flow might be(I have si

Kookoo speech API

Hello! Can you hear me? Well, yes. Kookoo can now hear you. Voice has suddenly become popular again and you can now find voice interfaces everywhere(Alexa, Google Home etc). Lucky for us, as we are the voice experts :) Note: They say a demo is worth a 1000 words(well, I said that :)), so here goes a demo. Just call the number and say something, you will get an SMS with the text of what you said 040-3095 2027 We can already build innovative IVR apps using Kookoo . But what has been lacking for a long time is to allow natural communication using speech in an IVR. The major stumbling block for that was automated speech recognition. But that problem is now a thing of the past. Thanks to Google, Amazon and other players including yours truly, we now have access to good speech engines which give pretty good accuracy. Flickr So today, we announce a new tag in Kookoo: <recognize> A new tag has been added to Kookoo after years. And what an addition it is :). <rec