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Slack alerts for call center queues

For most businesses, call centers are the first touch point for a customer. So it is paramount that the call center experience has to be good. And most good call center softwares provide a lot of tools to improve the caller experience. But there is always scope to improve. With new tools and channels getting introduced into the business workflow, call center softwares have to catch up and start providing integrations. The most important communication suite that has become a part of almost every business is Slack. So it would be great if Slack was a part of the call center workflow too. Slack could be the perfect alerting channel for events happening in your call center You can configure alerts for a variety of things: Queue alerts in case some callers are waiting for a long time. Call alerts in case you are getting more calls than usual. IVR alerts if the callers are dropping off at the IVR itself.  Basically, you can setup alerts for any part of your call center flow.