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Youth Ki Awaaz-Giving voice to youth through web, IVR and other channels

Youth ki Awaaz , is a very popular youth site where you can voice your opinion on a variety of topics. Change always starts by someone noticing a problem and talking about it out. So in that regard, YKA, is trying to create a platform to talk about issues. We at Ozonetel , have always believed in the power of youth and are very happy to be associated with YKA in partnering with them for the Youthline (Go ahead, call and voice your opinion). In the normal customer series , that we do on our blog, this week we had a chat with the Anshul Tewari(website wallah), the founder of YKA. Following is the gist of our Q and A session with him. 1. What made you start YKA. What was the one thing which inspired you? Even though youth is a demographic dividend in the country, the views of young people are never taken seriously. You are at best naive when it comes to the crucial issues we face. Back in 2008, I felt the same challenge. I realized that as a young person, I have very mi

Popular programming languages for building IVR applications on KooKoo platform

It has been more than 2 years since we started KooKoo and more than 4000 developers have signed up for the platform and develop telephony applications . Michael Jastremski  for All kinds of developers are on the platform. We have freelance developers, development teams from MNCs working on major projects and startup teams building the next big thing. Since communication is such a core component of any business, almost all well known companies and startups have developers on the KooKoo platform. Most of them are KooKoo customers(because of NDAs and stuff, I will not be able to reveal the names), and some of them are on the free developer account. I wanted to find out what are the most popular programming languages on the KooKoo platform. Which languages were the developers using to build telephony applications. I just did a perfunctory analysis based on the URL format and support queries from developers. Initially, I wanted to do a fun infographic with witty i