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Social media footprint for callers

Update: Try it out at . Will be public for a couple of days. This is the age of social media. Almost everyone has a web presence. In this blog post, we will look at how we are trying to provide contextual information about callers. KooKoo is the dominant cloud telephony platform in India . We are now expanding our horizons and looking at building the next generation unified communication framework. We have already integrated fax and email . It is now time to integrate social media. We have started providing this social media in our products Cloudagent  and BizPhone. Below we will demonstrate on how we have integrated with Bizphone. Once you login to your BizPhone account, you can sync your Google contacts by clicking on the Google icon on the dashboard. This feature has been available from the beginning. Now, we have added a new social footprint icon for each contact as shown below: Just click on the social footprint icon and

Create Dashboard for your calls using Geckoboard

Geckoboard  is a nifty little service which allows you to create dashboards for your data in a jiffy and host them. Basically, it takes care of the view layer for your data. When I heard of the service, I thought I would take this for a spin and maybe create a dashboard for the KooKoo calls. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the speed with which I was able to setup a dashboard and start pushing my data and start monitoring the calls . I created a simple feedback IVR which takes feedback from callers and pushes data to the Geckoboard. In half an hour I was able to a real time feedback monitoring system which looks like the below screen This just took some 20 lines of code and 4 curl requests(one for each widget) to get started. If you are interested in creating a similar dashboard you can mail us at and we will be glad to help you set it up. If you want to try on your own, the following are the steps: 1. Sign up for a demo account. The trial expir

Taking Cloud telephony main stream in India

When we first launched KooKoo at Unpluggd, there were no cloud telephony companies in India . We knew that it would be an uphill battle as we would have to almost create a market. But we believed in the potential as the business communication market was untapped in India. We believed that cloud telephony could close that gap by providing easy to use tools for businesses to build their own communication channels. But we knew that business communications cannot be uniform. Each business would have their own need. Some would need innovative ways of reaching their customers(like missed calls), some would need a PBX kind of systems for their offices and some would need full featured call centers. So we decided to do both a platform play as well as a product play to provide communication solutions to businesses. Platform: We started off with a platform approach with KooKoo . We wanted to show the world what can be done. Innovation followed. Companies built new communication channels.