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The MakeSense Story-Gets Acquihired by Naukri

Almost two years back, when we had launched the KooKoo platform, we were evangelizing the platform waiting for some innovative company to come along and build cool telephony apps . The real power of a platform is realized only through awesome developers. It was at this time that we got a mail Vivek Arya from Makesense to our support mail id( . He was asking some questions about whether KooKoo can do this and KooKoo can do that. So, to answer his questions, I got on a call and heard about his application. I just loved it the first time I heard about it. They had developed algorithms for semantic search using NLP and wanted to add a phone channel to automate the candidate screening process on an IVR. I said, go ahead and we will try to help you in whatever way we can. Incidentally, after the call with Vivek, I had remarked to my colleagues that very soon Makesense would be a prime candidate for acquisition by Naukri. Who knew that it would be so prophetic :)  Las

Apigee Hackathon-Couple of KooKoo apps developed

Last week, we were privileged to be associated with the Hackathon organized by Apigee in their offices in Bangalore. It was a very well organized event and we had a lot of fun. The good part of the event was that Apigee asked the hackers to use at least one API developed by an Indian company. KooKoo , Redbus, Zomato, Cleartrip and Data Weave exposed their APIs and the developers used those APIs to build some innovative stuff for the weekend. This was a good way to promote local APIs and we are thankful for Apigee for providing us the opportunity. After the event we reached out to a couple of developers and asked for their feedback. We are posting the responses below. Hope they go on and build more innovative stuff. 1. Febin John James I find kookoo very simple to use.I am a student and i don't have much experience. But i could integrate kookoo with my app very easily. The time i worked to integrate KooKoo with my app is very very less compared to other API's. My ha