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Setting up a free multi channel help desk and contact system using KooKoo and Issueburner

The short way: Register for an Issueburner account Register for a KooKoo account Download and unzip it in your web server root. Update your KooKoo URL in the settings page after you login. The URL should point to support.php on your web server. So if your webserver is at and you have unzipped support.php in the web server root directory, then your URL should be Publish the KooKoo phone number and your pin and your support email id to start interacting with your customers. If you do not want the pin number, just upgrade your KooKoo account to get a phone number for your business. Login to Issueburner to start monitoring your support calls and emails.  The Shortest way: Send an email to and we will set it up for you :) The long way: You have setup a business and you have acquired your first customers. They start using your product/service and most of them are happy. Now