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KooKoo-Year In review

Hard to believe, but its been a year since we publicly launched KooKoo at Unpluggd 2. And what an year it has been. So this post will be a look back on what we have done for the past year. Our biggest success has been the forming of a developer community on the KooKoo platform who have been creating innovative apps and pushing what can be done on a normal phone. Rather than write a long boring post about how much hard it was and how much fun it was, let me just list 10 facts and figures of what we have done for the past year. Paying customers:100+ Developer community:1200+ Calls handled on the platform: 220 million Features added to KooKoo: 50+ Recognition: 4(unPluggd, mBillionth, Red Herring, Nasscom Emerge 50),20+ paper articles and 1 TV appearance Locations: 7 states Internal products launched: 2 ( CPbx , Cloud Agent ) Sleepless nights: 480 man days(accounted for, not sure how many are unaccounted) Partnerships: 4(more will be announced soon) Fun we had: Immeasurabl