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Telephony Idea - Call to register using KooKoo

Use Case: Customers can call to register with a website. Websites publish a phone number which users can call to register. Solution: 1.Publish phone number for the website. 2.When the customer calls the KooKoo number, KooKoo passes the caller id in the "cid" parameter. 3.Check if it is a first time caller. If yes, generate a random password and send it as an SMS to the user. 4.User can immediately login and change his settings like updating password, adding email id etc. Advantages: Automatic verification of users happens as they provide the phone number.  Faster registration as users just make a call rather than going through captchas, registration forms etc Disadvantages: Obviously, as this is a new process there can be an unexpected loophole. This is just an idea and still has to be validated. Who is it useful for: Almost all eCommerce sites who need a registration for order tracking etc or for one time registrations, this might be a bett

Telephony Idea- Play order details over phone using KooKoo

Use Case: Customers order items on websites. To know the status of their order, customers have to visit the website, login and select the order. Suggestion: Provide order details over phone Advantages: Users need not be connected to the Internet to know the status of the order. Solution: 1.Ask the user to enter his phone number while placing the order. 2.Store the phone details along with the order. 3.When the customer calls the KooKoo number, KooKoo passes the caller id in the "cid" parameter. 4.Query your database for the order details based on the caller phone number. 5.Play the order details using <playtext> tag. [Update] Code: $link = mysql_connect ( 'hostname' , 'username' , 'yourPassword' ); mysql_select_db ( 'database_name' , $link ); $sql = " select * from orders where phone_number=$_REQUEST['cid'] " ; $result = mysql_query ( $sql , $link ) or die ( mysql_error ()); $row = mysql_f

Telephony Ideas

After the wonderful startup weekend conducted in Delhi, the scene now shifts to Bangalore. I actually wanted to do this blog before the Delhi event, but I got a little busy and could not do it. So here we go. In this blog post I will try to mention as many ideas as possible which can built using the KooKoo platform. So, in no particular order, the ideas: Appointment reminder service. Call attendees and remind them. This could be useful for event management websites etc Group voice messaging. Create groups on the website. Call a number and record your message, choose the group.The people in the group will be called and the message will be played back.This could be useful for managers to send a message to the team or CEOs to send a message to the employees etc. On the fly conferencing solutions Birthday reminder. Store all your friend's birthdays. When the birthday comes, you will get a call first and KooKoo will inform you  whose birthday it is and then it will call your fr