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KooKoo powering Hackathon by HUL

We at Ozonetel have been working with Unilever since last couple of years. We have worked on them with innovative products like Kan Khajura Tesan and multiple on pack campaigns. Now we are partnering with them for a hackathon . So FMCGs also are on the hackathon bandwagon to encourage innovation :) So, Want to gamify consumer behavior? Use KooKoo cloud telephony and show to Unilever. This is a very good way to get noticed by Unilever. KooKoo has been used by innovatively by different startups to manage consumer interaction. Zipdial was started on KooKoo. Multiple startups are using KooKoo to power their brand messages. Now HUL wants you to hack a solution to gamify consumer behavior.  Build missed call based games. Connect to celebrities. Mix offline and online worlds by creating a pack based game. Build a phone based Tinder for Axe . Create a phone regime for shining hair using TREsemme. Change behavior and make people brush at night for Pepsodent. The ide