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3 years of Cloud Telephony Blogs

Time certainly flies. Seems like yesterday, but when I saw the dates on my blog posts, I realized that its been 3 years since we introduced cloud telephony to India. So, I just thought I will summarize what I have been blogging for the last 3 years in this post. In return of telephony apps , and free your voice , I explained the need for cloud telephony solutions and how our aim was to make telephony application development as mainstream as web development. This set the stage and people started noticing about KooKoo and cloud telephony. The next step was to showcase some innovative apps which showcased the capability of cloud telephony. Phone use cases , telephony polls , Twitter voice , call to register , play order details , virtual receptionist , local search , integrating help desks , integrating sales force and CRMs ,  wedding IVR etc I also documented our expansion( New circles , Gujarat , Rajasthan ) and addition of an SMS channel . I covered our partnerships( Youth Ki A

Scheduling an Audio conference with a single HTTP Request

When Anenth of TripThirsty  blogged about creating a conferencing app overnight , that started me thinking. Since KooKoo  also provides a simple <conference> tag, what is the least amount of code we need to create a conference scheduling app. Since we all live in the cloud :), I did not want to host my code anywhere and it should be very minimal. KooKoo takes care of telephony, so I searched for a scheduling service. Sometime back, I used to use Momentapp , but looks like it is down now. So finally I zeroed in on EasyCron . They had a good enough API and I signed up for a free account. Now I had all the ingredients in place and all I had to do was a cook up a single HTTP request recipe. So without further ado, the HTTP request to schedule an audio conference: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ token=[your easy cron token] &cron_expression=[cr

Perks of doing a startup in India

There have been several blogs on the problems of Indian bureaucracy and how businesses and startups find it tough in India. In this blog, I would like to present the other side of the story and showcase some advantages of doing a startup in India. This is mostly from personal experience and the perks I had when building KooKoo 1. Parents and In laws There is no stigma associated with living with your parents:  In fact society thinks you are a good son if you are living with your parents :) In early days of KooKoo, I had problems in meeting the EMIs(loan) of a house I had bought recently. So, I did the natural thing, packed up, rented out my house(the rent took care of the EMI) and moved in with my parents. That saved a ton of money and freed up my mind to concentrate on building the startup instead of worrying about other things. Well, now I am back in my own house,  but during the early days, it was a huge lifesaver. photo by  mikebaird  on  Flickr Also, for younger people

Cloud telephony for Rajasthan

After the recent launch in Gujarat (the response has been awesome, almost all our PRIs are fully occupied), we continue our push towards covering the whole of India with our launch in Rajasthan today. So people of Rajasthan, you can now sign up for KooKoo , and choose local numbers for your businesses. In case you are interested in call center solutions, check out Cloudagent  and give a call at 1-800-200-0820 and our sales guys will get in touch with you. Ozonetel, by far, now provides the most comprehensive coverage in cloud telephony in India . Our complete coverage is captured in the image below.