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KooKoo labs

At Ozonetel, we are constantly working on fun stuff which sometimes makes it to the final KooKoo build. In this post, I will share some example applications which we have been working on which have not yet made it to the final build. Lately, we have been working a lot on speech and we have built the following applications. 1. Google Places over Voice Process: Dial 040-30512839 and say things like 'hotels' in 'koramangala'  after beep and it will send SMS with hotels list. It could be anything. What I have given is an example. Of course, Google places should support data you are requesting. Google places search code without speech can be found here. 2. Voicebuzz:  We have added speech transcription to the voice buzz application. Process: Sync up Facebook with KooKoo by visiting Voicebuzz app in Facebook at . After Sync up, dial 040-30512834 and speak your status. KooKoo will transcribe your voice input to the bes

Yahoo open Hack

Got a confirmation for Yahoo open hack. So I will be attending the event representing KooKoo . Hope to meet a lot of developers and maybe come out with some cool mashups involving KooKoo. There are just so many Yahoo APIs, I can't wait to get started. I had already mentioned some telephony ideas for startup weekend here . I will add some more ideas below: 1. Local search over phone: We should be able to use the Yahoo local API for this. 2. Answers over phone: Use yahoo Answers and KooKoo playtext to dynamically play answers 3. Phone reviews: Maybe use Yahoo Updates API 4. Astrology/News etc over phone 5. Stock alerts over phone If you have some ideas of integrating with yahoo, please leave them in the comments section.