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Wedding IVR

This time, its a personal blog post. One of our star developers, Rajesh Ganji is getting married on April 14th. Working in a hacker culture makes people do interesting things. This time Rajesh took his job too seriously and ended building an IVR using KooKoo for his wedding invitation :) He then wrote a program that pulled contacts from his gmail contacts and called them programmatically and played out the IVR wedding invitation. Finally, he hosted the code on github so that future grooms and brides can use it for their own weddings if needed. You can find the code at the end of the post. So go ahead, please call 040-30247070 and listen to the IVR wedding invitation of Rajesh Ganji and wish him the best(you need to press 3 to leave a voice greeting) And though we know that from next week onwards, Rajesh will find it a little bit more harder to concentrate on KooKoo, we wish him all the best in his new adventure. As a side note, another one of our star developers, Sudhakar Gup