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Capture feedback & run consumer surveys within Zoho CRM with Ozonetel’s IVR

Often businesses are unaware of how customers feel about their service or their product – are they happy, will they recommend you, are they aware of your new offers etc. Being able to capture real time user feedback can aid businesses initiate corrective actions immediately and address business questions like -   Would you like to capture the mood of your customers at the end of a call? Are you sure that your customer calls have been answered satisfactorily? Do you want to conduct a quick dip-stick survey amongst your users to know their preferences? This facility can now be availed easily within Zoho CRM itself using the Ozonetel <-> Zoho connector . How does the additional IVR functionality work? Incoming call scenario Use case - This is primarily for getting immediate user feedback linked with the call Step 1 – User calls the call center Step 2 – At the end of the call, Agent/Executive requests the caller to provide their feedback. Note – Ideally

IVR Payments

Rant start : Have been seeing and hearing a lot about digital payments in India and how it will make us the best country in the world and how it will solve all our problems. And the path chosen by our tech brethren to move payments in India along the digital path is through apps. Because you know, apps are sexy. Apps are the in thing. Apps are the next best thing since sliced bread. Apps allow you to track the customers. Profile them . Make money out of them. Only problem, majority of India does not have a smartphone and those who have, do not want to install too many apps. The funny thing is, if you really want to enable consumers to transact digitally, there is a ready made channel available. It does not even need an Internet connection. It does not even need a user to be literate. Its the lowly voice channel on the telco networks. And on that channel we can build the original apps, also known as IVRs . But IVRs are not sexy. They just get the job done. And marketing

Supercharge your Zoho CRM with Ozonetel’s phone dialer for sales calls

If any of the below use cases pertain to your business, then you can supercharge your efforts with the added functionality of a system driven automated dialer, linked with Zoho CRM - no additional software to install or hardware to purchase. Do you have an Inside sales team, using Zoho CRM to contact & nurture leads? Do you have a periodic need to broadcast a standard message to your customers? Do you run surveys for your customers with information from Zoho CRM? Does your marketing team run automated IVR audio blasts related to new offers to your users? How to run a dialer campaign from Zoho CRM? It’s a simple 4 step process - Click on “Zoho Sheet View”, which is highlighted in the below screenshot, which will take you to the next screen The following CSV screen will open and you can make changes as per the mapping file uploaded for the Campaign in Ozonetel Now export this file as - File — > Export As —> MS Excel 97-2003 Workboo