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Ozonetel's Cloudagent Integrates with Kreato CRM

Improved Functionality & Comprehensive Solution for Exemplary Customer Performance!  Having a full view of the customer is important to customer lifecycle management and hence the overall customer experience. And, one of the big places to look for enhancing visibility into all things customer related is obviously tight integration with various capabilities with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. On this score, Kreato and Ozonetel have partnered together to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage their customer communication online and offline. Ozonetel's cloud contact center, CloudAgent is deeply integrated with the core Kreato products so that the calls can be handled intelligently and efficiently by the call center agents. The integration provides businesses with a cost-effective, enhanced customer management solution. Improves Functionality & Efficiency of Your Contact Center  The cloud piece of this is a major attraction. Wi

SaaS Metrics for India B2B

When we started selling our Cloud telephony platform , we had very little idea of what metrics to concentrate on. So we just built the product and winged it :) Now after 4 years, we have a pretty good command of what metrics to concentrate on. What works, what doesn't. Which channels are better and which sales techniques work. We learnt this the hard way and by reading blogs by David Skok, Jason Lemkin and Tom Tunguz. They did provide some benchmarks to go on. But nothing specific to the circumstances in India. Looking around, we realize that we are in a very special situation. Since we concentrated only on India for our product, we have SaaS revenue from only Indian customers . This gives a nice opportunity to start creating some benchmarks. Unfortunately there are not many hard numbers out there which can help new India B2B SaaS companies. So in the interest of transparency, we are sharing the SaaS metrics for our Cloudagent product. Some important points: Cloudagent i

Build and they will come

The title is the anti thesis of startup advice. In fact everyone would advise the opposite. So why is that the title of the blog post? Its because thats exactly our story. We built our product(s) and customers came. There was no "growth hacking". No AB testing. No email campaigns. No social media strategy. Our initial versions of our websites sucked ( , , ). Ughh.... On second thought, I dont know whose web sites those are :) So with the befit of hindsight let me try to see why we survived. 1. Timing: Startup boom in India was just starting. And since startups are early adapters, they actively searched the Internet and found us. This is where blogging worked I think as people found us when they searched. 2. Competition: When you just build your product and wait for peopl

Take control of your support and sales with Cloudagent call center software integration with Zoho

If you are using Zoho, then you know how important proper communication is for the success of your sales and support teams. It becomes all the more imperative to have a call center system which properly integrates with your CRM to assist you with the right tools. You have to make sure that the right problem of the customer is addressed and the right points are made in a sale. To do this, access to contextual information is a must. Ozonetel's  call center solution,  Cloudagent , with its deep integration with Zoho CRM now provides your sales and support teams with a full featured call center solution at their fingertips. The integration is available on Zoho at . This CTI integration provides you with the following features: 1. Screenpops: Context is everything. When you get a call from a customer/prospective customer, it is very important to know the context so that you can answer better. What was the last call

Cloud Telephony comes to Lucknow

We at Ozonetel are proud to launch our latest data center in Lucknow. This allows Lucknow businesses to get a local phone number on the cloud. Now Lucknow businesses can have a cloud based call center  and cater to global audiences. Ask for a Free Demo With this, we now have 15 data centers in India,11 states and 14 cities. The largest spread than any other cloud telephony provider.

Adding Voice to your Slack

What is better than Slack? Giving your team Slack a voice :) Now you can do that, by integrating KooKoo (Cloud Telephony) with Slack. Here is how you can do it,  The fastest way to have a phone conference :) Pitch: Team is discussing on slack. The chat is becoming too verbose, you want to get on a call and sort it out.  Just do /conference @user1 @user2 Users are connected in a conference and can discuss. Assumptions: users have added their phone numbers in their profile. you can also include arbitrary phone numbers /conference @user1 09888766765 etc. I love this. What should I do to start using this? Step 1: Get a Slack account Step 2: Get a KooKoo  (Cloud Telephony) account. For users not in India send us a mail at and we will set you up. Step 3: Configure. Unfortunately there is no one click setup as Slack has still not added KooKoo to their integration list. We are in the wait list. Come on Slack guys. Hurry up. Lots

NGO IVRs powered by KooKoo-Ozonetel

In India, Cloud telephony is getting increasingly more acceptance and with the result, the telephony APIs are also showing exponential growth with businesses trying to build their custom apps for both telephony and mobile. Ozonetel’s Kookoo platform supports open APIs and we have over 4000 developers who have registered on our platform. KooKoo is the simplest and easiest way to build telecom applications, IVRs, and outbound campaigns. KooKoo platform can be used to support a wide array of telephony functions. It does not know anything about a business application and it does not store the customer’s data. The ease of building apps using our APIs on KooKoo has made it a favorite in the developer community. Grameen Foundation India together with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is doing a lot of work with the AIDS patients in the marginalized sections of the society. Grameen Foundation India is supporting mobile health initiatives in India through their MOTECH Platform. At t

Ozonetel at SugarCon 2015

Ozonetel Systems was the only Indian Company that participated in the SugarCon 2015. SugarCon is an annual conference hosted by SugarCRM in San Francisco for their partners and potential customers. Ask for a Free Demo Sign up to take advantage of Cloudagent's deep integration with Sugar CRM.  At SugarCon 2015, SugarCRM unveiled a new vision of CRM as the engine of a powerful enterprise customer engagement strategy, introduced Sugar 7.6, and offered attendees a rich set of presentations, panel discussions and technical sessions. It was a fantastic time for Sugar users, partners, developers, and industry leaders to Connect i2i, building and strengthening extraordinary relationships. The whole focus was on providing individualized experience to the end users. Ozonetel, the pioneer in Cloud Communication in India has integrated with all the leading CRMs that include SugarCRM, ZOHO, SalesForce, FreshDesk and all other customized CRMs. At SugarCon 2015, Ozonetel showcased