Monday, May 18, 2015

Adding Voice to your Slack

What is better than Slack?
Giving your team Slack a voice :)
Now you can do that, by integrating KooKoo(Cloud Telephony) with Slack.

Here is how you can do it, The fastest way to have a phone conference :)

Team is discussing on slack. The chat is becoming too verbose, you want to get on a call and sort it out. 
Just do /conference @user1 @user2
Users are connected in a conference and can discuss.
Assumptions: users have added their phone numbers in their profile.
you can also include arbitrary phone numbers /conference @user1 09888766765 etc.

I love this. What should I do to start using this?

Step 1: Get a Slack account

Step 2: Get a KooKoo (Cloud Telephony) account. For users not in India send us a mail at and we will set you up.

Step 3: Configure.

Unfortunately there is no one click setup as Slack has still not added KooKoo to their integration list. We are in the wait list. Come on Slack guys. Hurry up. Lots of users waiting here. 

So you will need to manually configure. 

Ok, here goes. 

You will need to create a new slash command in slack.You can do that by going to integrations and selecting slash command at the bottom. 
In the slash command configuration page:

Command: /conference(You can name this anything you want)


You can find your slack_api_token at
The slash_command_token will be in the same form below
Your kookoo_api_key is KKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Method: GET

Token: This will be prefilled. Use this to populate the slash_command_token parameter in the URL above.

Rest you can leave empty and save the integration.

Then, just go to any channel and type the command /conference @user1 @user2 etc. Thats it. They should be connected if they have configured a mobile number in their profile.(Phone number should be 0 followed by 10 digit mobile)

You can also directly call phone numbers /conference 09888788767 09888766765 etc